Don’t wait for 2021 – get the knowledge for maritime cyber security now!

Due to the 2021 deadline that IMO has set for incorporating cyber risk into ship safety, having a proactive approach to cyber risk, in terms of technology, practices and people, can only add value to your operations.

PRIORITY, with its unique experience in cyber security projects in shipping, has developed an 8-hour “Maritime Cyber security seminar” which will take place on Friday 7th of June at PRIORITY’s headquarters, 49-51 Sofokli Venizelou Avenue, Lykovrissi, Athens 141 23, at 09.30 am.

The aim of the seminar is to understand the basic cyber security principles, the most common risks and the best practices for implementing information security in a shipping company. A discussion will also be initiated with the participants so as to provide answers and clarifications, giving practical solutions on how to improve their level of security.

Agenda highlights:

  • Regulation and standards regarding cyber security in maritime industry, such as BIMCO guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships, IMO, TMSA 3, USCG NVIC
  • Basic cyber security principles
  • Common threats, such as cyber security criminals, activists etc
  • Cyber-attack methods, such as phishing, malware, social engineering etc
  • Identification of Vulnerabilities. How does a networked OT equipment affect cyber security onboard?
  • Application of cyber security controls. How to protect the company both onboard and ashore?
  • Response to cyber security incidents. How to react when a vessel is attacked?

Who should attend? IT managers, DPAs, internal auditors, information security officers and crew officers.

The cost is 180€ plus VAT, per participant, with limited seats available.
For participation and more information, please contact Mrs Matina Tomprou on 210-2509900 or [email protected].


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